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Dec 042017

October 24, 2017 (Luang Prabang Day 3)

Click photos to enlarge:

I started the day with a great breakfast at Lotus Villa. I had this every morning of my stay there. It’s kind of like pho noodles but with a great tomato based clear broth. I would have two bowls and multiple spring rolls.

I spent most of this day hanging out at various food stalls along the Mekong River, since I spent the previous day mostly along the Nam Khan. I ate a lot from different stalls since I walked a long stretch and it was so hot. I had more of their delicious noodle soups. The noodles are like pho, so they’re thin and not too filling. Great spring rolls too.

I bought two neat paintings by a local artist. I framed them when I got home, you can see them below. I also got the shorts I’m wearing in the first photo at the Luang Prabang night market.

Here are more photos I shot biking around town.

Biked back to the side of the Mekong River to catch the sunset but my photos aren’t that great.

Had more crepes at the night market for dinner.

5 second clip of the seller making my peanut butter flavored crepes. This is a different crepe maker from Oct. 22. But in the same night market.

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