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Photo Series:

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2014 Chile
2014 Chile
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No Parking
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House of Soda
Street Side Grottos
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Spaces Separated by Time
So You’ll Know Who To Thank
To observers, I seem to photograph many things, but I only seriously photograph and collect very few TYPES of things, as you can see below.

These are some of the things when I build my “building” collection (by “building I mean anything from houses, semi permanent structures like police sheds, storefronts, not necessarily high rises”)- first I look for buildings that when photographed, look like they can be from “anywhere” (A Manila building photo looks like it could be something I shot in Taiwan.). Of course, that also depends on how you crop your photo, because a few inches more environmental detail, and it will reveal where I shot it.

Second I look for something in the scene that shows how man has altered the building or its environs, either through interventions like election posters, banners, signs, graffiti, or the ravages of time- streaks of repainted color over the original wall, cracks, grass starting to grow out of cracks.

*New books being printed, will arrive November 2015.

Please flip through these books. (The first three were printed in 2008, the last in 2010.)

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Just Photos (not part of a series/ thematic body of work):

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