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Taiwan’s bucolic countryside


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picking watermelons train 2 farmer poking at stuff with a stick 2 harvest farmer 2 rural countryside  10 rural countryside  04 structures on a farm early evening- rural countryside 15 flat landscape 3 place where there were a lot of barns raising dairy cows (6) farm early evening- rural countryside 06 smoke gets in your lens lonely house rural countryside  13 small shed rural countryside  06 early evening- rural countryside 09 pigeon house scarecrow old Taiwan Sugar Co. warehouse smoke in a field wushantou reservoir 6 layers factory beside a field goats grazing on grass wooden shack in the middle of nowhere rural countryside  07

karaoke place facade 1 red and blue store and power company coffeeshop in the middle of nowhere rectangular house green structure in the middle of nowhere rectangular house 2 factory red roofed shed with blue gate red brick structure rice grain mill yellow pickup neon 3 you know you live in the sticks when.. ktv betel nut place ktv rice grains

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