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So You’ll Know Who To Thank


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December 2009

May 2010 Philippine elections are only a few months away. Soon our streets, telephone poles, electricity wires, walls, windshields, windows, doors, mailboxes will be littered with and stuffed full of publicity material again. Stickers, posters, flyers, bills, paper fans, banners imprinted with big smiling faces of politicians and their names and initials spelling out acronyms that make no sense.

But at least all that only lasts for a few months. The rest of the 3-6 years they’re in office though, you have permanent “art work” on walls and banners everywhere in the city with their names in gigantic font sizes, and their “accomplishments”. These aid in name recall for the next election that’s years away. These remind you who helped your street get its road paved, who helped your town get a deep well, which congresswoman facilitated a “get your passport today!” program (isn’t their job supposed to be legislation)?

And just so you won’t forget these exhortations to “get high with God, and not with drugs” or “just say NO to battered women!”, they lovingly sign these messages with their names in big block letters just so you won’t forget this Councilor or that Vice Mayor cares. Oh, they also paint these on walls. Banners are so temporary.

The title of this series is So You’ll Know Who To Thank. It’s still in progress, more photos to follow.


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politicians' signs 4 councilor sign politicians' names 1 councilors councilor signs blue cart councilor concreting politicians' names 2 get high but not with the chairman calendar congressman paved the road
The Philippine President

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