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About Gem


Contact: GemIsMyName AT gmail DOT com


I am an explorer and documenter of the urban landscape, of late, focusing on Manila, Philippines. My main areas of interest are in the language of architecture and structures, how urban artifacts shape their surroundings, typography, graffiti, signs, and transportation.

Before 2007, I photographed the balmy nights, blazing neon, and rural landscape of Southern Taiwan.


  • short film: Goner (03:25)
  • screened in the 2007 taipei golden horse promotional activity- playing with images


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  4 Responses to “About Gem”

  1. hey… cool! you’re the first person i know who has her own website!!! good luck

  2. We miss your awesome and entertaining podcast 🙁

    Where are you now, if not in Taiwan?

    • hi DJ Darkfiber!

      i’m no longer in Taiwan! i finished school and I moved back to my hometown in Manila. i have no time to make any more podcasts due to work. 🙁

      i still have my YouTube page up though, i occasionally put Manila-related videos there but I don’t host it anymore or anything. 🙂

  3. Cool new look gem! We love it! 🙂 woof! 😛

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