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No Parking


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Most people in the Philippines think of rules as mere suggestions. Most people, if they could afford it, would also immediately buy a car to get around Metro Manila. Public transportation is famously decentralized and different kinds of transportation do not easily connect to one another.

No parking rules are just one of the many rules treated as a suggestion in the Philippines. Other ubiquitous “does that need to be said?” signs are “No peeing allowed here” (bawal umihi dito) and “Don’t throw your garbage here” (bawal magtapon ng basura dito). The latter sign really means that, it’s not as minor as “no littering”.

Many of the signs aren’t government- erected. They’re simply handwritten signs on a board, put up by a frustrated home or store owner. And some of the official no parking signs are in places where in many other countries in the globe, you wouldn’t need to be told not to park (as it’s that obvious). However, since every unmarked area is considered fair game by motorists, you need to spell it out.

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