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Dec 042017

October 23, 2016 (Luang Prabang Day 2)

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I woke up right before sunrise to catch the early morning alms-giving ceremony. It was so early, it was still dark out as you can see in the photos below. These were taken on the same street as Lotus Villa.

These next ones were from the street around the corner. I then followed them down the road.

I went back to the hotel for breakfast after my early morning jog following the alms giving ceremony.

In the late morning, I borrowed the Lotus Villa hotel’s free bike and crossed the bridge to the other side of town across the Nam Khan River.

It was a hot and tiring bike ride so I didn’t take that many photos on the other side. Then I went back to the original side I came from and took photos of the Nam Khan River from there after lunch.

I put my SJ Cam SJ4000 action camera on a small tabletop tripod in the bike basket to shoot while I bike, but the mini tripod kept toppling over. It was a failure. Most of the footage was unusable. I stitched together a 13 second clip of acceptable footage to show what the neighborhood the other side of the bridge looks like.

I had lunch at a nice place called BBQ By The Bridge, which is a wooden structure serving Laotian specialties right by the wooden bridgemisge (for bikes & pedestrians only- no cars) that takes you over the Nam Khan River. Photo of the place and food is in this album. Google Translate came in handy when I wanted to ask the proprietor what their specials were. I’m glad I got a Lao (Unitel) prepaid sim card with 3G data.

Biking around after lunch, I spotted these grottoes carved into rock on a mountain/ hill across the Nam Khan River. It reminded me of my Street Side Virgin Mary grotto series.

Buddha statues on the side of rocks

Buddha statues on the side of rocks

For dinner, I ate in this fancy-ish place in town called the Victoria Xieng Thong Palace. I dropped by the night market again after to have some more crepes. Crepes are a big thing in Luang Prabang.

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