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Apr 162014

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Cerro Polanco, whose entrance is off of Av. Argentina, is a unique hill. While most steep Valparaiso cerros (hills) are accessible via ascensors (what they call cable cars/ funiculars), what makes Cerro Polanco unique is that it’s the only hill with a true vertical ascensor, in the form of an actual elevator that rises 60m vertically. It was built in 1913. (read more on Wikipedia.)

entrance to Ascensor Polanco Ascensor Polanco

Its gates are in a yellow structure on Simpson Street, you pay CLP300, and walk down a long, dark tunnel reminiscent of Psalm 23:4

You follow the light, and at the end of the tunnel is the elevator door. The elevator operator has made a cozy little office for himself, and hands out a yellowed photocopy with technical info about the ascensor

Ascensor Polanco

Cerro Polanco 5

There’s a little viewing deck when you reach the top, and a walkway that leads you to the Cerro Polanco neighborhood. There’s a lot of great graffiti and street art in this area despite not being the most popular cerro for tourists. Some kids sold me homemade cupcakes. Pretty good stuff.

Please click thumbnails to see the full photo:

Cerro Polanco 18

More of my Cerro Polanco photos on Flickr.

cerro polanco map

cerro polanco map

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