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Apr 152014

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Velas Latinoamerica was a touring exhibition of big ships from different South American countries. They stopped in the port of Valparaiso one fine April weekend. Here are my photos from that day.

Velas Latinoamerica

Velas Latinoamerica

I went up the Argentinian ship, but didn’t want to queue up to check out the other ships anymore. Amusingly, the Brazilian ship was the only one that didn’t have a line letting people up the ship, because they weren’t letting people up until nighttime. And they told my guy companions that they prefer women guests, so if they wanted to go up, they should bring two women for every guy.

I could also see from where I was standing that the Brazilian ship was the only one that had an actual bar, and was blaring party music.

Velas Latinoamerica

Velas Latinoamerica

velas 5

velas 6

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