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Dec 292015

topics: evolution of 1 wall over 3 years, ice truck & vintage biscuit tin typography, etc

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Newsletter #3!

Lundi, 28 Decembre 2015

Dear Friends,

In this month’s newsletter, I show you guys a short video of the evolution of the graffiti on a wall I’ve photographed for three years now.

I also photographed ice trucks, a new addition to my street side grotto series, and vintage biscuit tins on a wall this month.

This month’s web link is about a 78 year old woman who’s one of the last few photographers working with a huge Polaroid camera. She just recently retired.

Extras for this month’s newsletter is a how-to video on melting chocolate, and adding GPS metadata to your photographs.

For those who didn’t receive it, you can view my first newsletter here, it explains why I started this.

Hope you enjoy this month’s dispatch. Please forward this to friends of yours who may be interested, and ask them to subscribe too!

Feel free to write back with comments or photo requests.

Took the photo below on Christmas day.


Always Fresh


Evolution of a wall

 *|YOUTUBE:[$vid=YcW3d2V9Wkc, $ratings=N, $views=N]|*

In this 2 minute 33 second video, I show you guys photographs I took of graffiti on a wall on a side street of Aurora Boulevard, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.

This is a series of seven (7) photographs showing how the wall has changed throughout different points in time from 2013- 2015.

Click here to see larger versions of the following photos on my website:
evolution of a wall

Ice Trucks

This December is unseasonably hot and sunny. I decided to start a new photo series shooting ice trucks. 

I love the typography on these trucks and how they try to design these embellishments on the lettering to evoke coolness.


This month’s addition to my  ongoing series of various street side grottoes in the Philippines.

I shot this in Matimyas St., Manila, Philippines.

Since people often ask where I shoot these, here is the zoomed out view of where I shot the grotto:


3 dimensional biscuit tins with vintage on a wall, shot in San Juan, Philippines

panorama view

From the Web

Elsa Dorfman, 78, has been shooting portraits for over 30 years. She posseses one of the six existing Polaroid 20×24 cameras in the world, which weighs 240 lbs.

Read and watch a video about her here.


Past Work:


Stamp of the Day:

1985 stamp of a 1918 Cleveland, U.S.A. motorbike

Centenaire de l’invention de la Motocyclette

Visit my Stamp Library for more.

December Extras:


I try to make DIY chocolate covered potato chips in this 5 minute 14 second video.

If you don’t have a GPS module for your camera, and it’s not connected to the Internet in any way, you can still easily add location data to the photo’s metadata.You can easily tag your photos manually with whatever software that allows location tagging, but what if you shot a lot of photos? Like when you travel?I show you guys in this 11 minute 41 second video how to geotag automatically and easily with GPS4cam. (requires a smartphone – iOS or Android)

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