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Nov 302015

I show you 8 kinds of yummy dumplings, and a fresh batch of my street side grotto and graffiti photos, APEC stamp, & 2 extra videos in this email – View Mailchimp archive

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Newsletter #2!

Mercredi, 28 Novembre 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you once again for reading. Thanks to those who wrote to me too with comments and feedback on last month’s first ever newsletter.

This month’s newsletter features my overview of eight different kinds of dumplings, two new additions to my Street Side Grotto series, one new addition to House of Soda, and two graffiti captures.

I also link to Doug Menuez’s Fearless Genius photo project documenting the rise of Silicon Valley.

For those who didn’t receive it, you can view my first newsletter here.

Hope you enjoy this month’s dispatch. Please forward this to friends of yours who may be interested, and ask them to subscribe too!

Always Fresh


In this 5 minute video, I show you guys eight different kinds of dumplings.

00:07 Steamed Dumplings (??) – flavor: leeks/ scallion/ kutchay (??)
00:28 Xiao Long Bao/ Xiao Long Tang Bao (????)
1:03 Pan Fried Dumplings (??)
01:41 Pot stickers/ Kuo Tieh (??)
02:10 Wontons/ wantons (??/ ??)
02:58 Siomai (??) – flavor:  shark’s fin (??)
03:45 Hakaw/ Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (??)
04:10 Rice Rolls/ Cheong Fan (??)

This month’s additions to my ongoing series of various street side grottoes in the Philippines. 


People often ask me where I find them. They’re actually everywhere, hidden in random nooks and crannies.

The two above were shot last week in San Juan near a Mormon temple.

I shot zoomed out views to show where I found them:


This month’s addition to my ongoing series of Coca Cola houses in the Philippines :


I almost thought November will pass without a good graffiti capture. I was mistaken.

The photo above was shot in 9 de Pebrero Street.
The one below was shot in the area being widened in Santolan. It was on the wall of a demolished structure.
graffiti-on-road-being-widened-near-Santolan---3zoomed out version of where I shot the graffiti above

From the Web

I love this essay on Doug Menuez’s Fearless Genius photo series about the early days of Silicon Valley.

I also like that Doug Menuez is trying to use Silicon Valley’s own tools to bring his photo project to life:

“I am trying to create, trying to take this record I have and make it a compelling educational or entertainment body of work. We’re trying to make a new model?—?we have a core story and then a documentary around it, a book and an exhibit. We’re combining video and sound around the stills, but all of these expressions of the core story get distributed to different channels and different revenue streams.”


Past Work:


photo of great typography on a porridge + tofu street cart and a wall.
shot 1/7/2008

Stamp of the Day:

apec-2015-stampsstamp commemorating the Philippines hosting APEC a couple of weeks ago and giving us a very long weekend.

Visit my Stamp Library for more.

November Extras:

1. I show you guys how to send texts (SMS using MightyText, What’s App and Viber using your computer this video. the latter two work for both iOS and Android, the first only for Android.
3 minutes 41 seconds
2. In this video, I give my views on the anti piracy ad that airs before movies in the Philippines, bullet shakedowns in the airport, and relationship advice (related to martial law).
12 minutes 51 seconds

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