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May 092015

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Fourth of July fun run in Atlanta

Fourth of July fun run in Atlanta

Leaving Chile, I had another six hour long stopover at Atlanta that gave me around a little under 2 hours to explore. It took 40 minutes to leave the airport for security, I needed to be back at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight, and I had to make allowance for the travel time via the MARTA metro.

Like I said in my first post during my layover in Atlanta going to Chile, the MARTA subway is directly connected to the domestic terminal, like Hong Kong or Singapore, making it very convenient for tourists to pop into the city for a quick look. There’s a free shuttle going to the domestic terminal from international, which takes around 20 minutes, so factor that in your time computations.

Atlanta panorama

I hit some human traffic in the subway though, it was very surprising because during my first layover in March, the subway was clean and empty. It turns out there was a 4th of July fun run that morning, and people were all getting on the subway to get to the run’s starting point.


I got out somewhere near the same Peachtree stop I got out of in March 2014, walked around, and even bumped into a cool guy named Jo Ferrow, who’s also into photography. Together we walked around the street nearby where the run was taking place, and the park where people was cooling down.

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