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Apr 132014

I ushered in 2014 in Taipei City and spent a few days there. I finally got to participate in the New Year’s Eve festivities and fireworks in the Taipei 101 area.
fireworks 17
crowded subway station - new year's eve 01 crowded subway station - new year's eve 02 crowded subway station - new year's eve 03 elephant hill metro station fireworks 12 fireworks 20

Danshui coast 1

Danshui coast 2

I also went to the Danshui coast during this trip.

Shihsanhang Archaeology Museum 05
Shihsanhang Archaeology Museum 06 Shihsanhang Archaeology Museum 07 Shihsanhang Archaeology Museum 02 Shihsanhang Archaeology Museum 08

crossed to the other side of Danshui for the first time, and visited Bali Island’s lovely Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology. -it was free and the English speaking guide was friendly and helpful.

the highlight of this trip was definitely the food. our first meal, at the much hyped Yong Kang Beef Noodles was disappointing (even had to queue half an hour for it), but the rest definitely went beyond our expectations.

    • Cama Coffee- delicious and cheap, with a cute mascot
  • coffee at cama coffee
  • Din Tai Fung xiao long bao and beef noodles at the original Yong Kang St. branch- went there twice!
  • beef noodle soup xiao long bao
    • Little Shanghai beef noodles
  • beef noodles for lunch little shanghai store
    • Shan Xi Knife Cut Beef Noodles- definitely our favorite, went there twice too. these noodles were different from the usual hand-pulled ones we’re used to. the guy had a special method of “shaving” the noodles. the tomato broth was great too.
  • knife cut noodles
    • Xi Men Ding’s Okinawan mochi stall- couldn’t stop going back there. so addictive.
  • Fried okinawa mochi 3
    • spicy mala hotpot at Dai Ho Dian.
  • spicy mala hotpot
    • candied tomatoes
  • candied tomatoes
    • beef noodles at a hole in the wall restaurant in Xi Men ding- quite good too.
  • beef noodle at hole in the wall stall small beef noodle stall
    • pot stickers at the chain dumpling store beside Cama Coffee
  • pot stickers dumplings and Cama coffee
    • Xi Men Ding’s Modern Toilet Restaurant. this was our New Year’s Eve meal. the food was just ordinary, but the decor was fun.

ice cream 2 hotpot 2

More photos:

street side facial hair threading
a threading stall (for shaping eyebrows and removing facial hair) in the street

Taiwanese independence protesters 1 Taiwanese independence protesters 3
a street protest

light rail train
light rail train outside Muzha station (near the Taipei Zoo)

and of course, no trip of mine anywhere is complete without graffiti:
Taipei City graffiti 02
Taipei City graffiti 03
Taipei City graffiti 06

Click to see more photos from this trip on my Flickr album.

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