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Jul 042012

my deadbeat web host Made2Own died sometime in January 2012. it started acting weird in December 2011, but i just opened support tickets and thought they’d get back to me after the holidays. but they suddenly went dark one day in January, with all my files stuck on their server, and with three months left to go in my subscription. Grrr. Luckily my WordPress database backup is current.

I was able to restore from that backup yesterday, July 3, 2012, after moving to my new host Bluehost. the theme got messed up though, because I had to update the theme. anyway, after updating, I thought I’d change to a new template, but after trying out many templates, I decided to still stick with the old theme (but the updated version). Changed the look from the old dark look…

to this:

It seems less cluttered now, cleaner, and brighter looking. the front page features a slider (Easy Rotator plug-in) featuring a few videos and photos. the sidebar has a randomly rotating set of photos from the photoblog. i got rid of the sidebar links to the categories and archives, in the hopes of making the site look cleaner. Hopefully people can still find their way around using the top navigation bars and the search box.

The photoblog’s last update was December 2011, more than 6 months ago.

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