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Jun 092008

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umbrellas on a bike

umbrellas on a bike, taipei city, april 2007

  One Response to “umbrellas on a bike”

  1. Another beautifully proportioned picture that seems to be divided into two halves. On the left you have the girlie Purple umbrella covering dowdy girl in the thick black sweater, and grey bleached jeans and slip on sandals straddling in a standstill a classic silver bicycle. She seems to be facing and gazing (in nostalgia) at the street with the Old Taiwan stores. The Green sign with chinese symbols looks what might be like a dmsum and tea house, the Red sign shows a symbol of a lightbulb and might be an old hardware store. The woman on the bike seems to symbollize the “Old Taiwan” – drab, practical, and kind of dirty.

    Then you have sort of like the “New Taiwan” on the other half of the picture. The woman under the trendier dark blue more contemporary (one of those peak-type umbrellas_This woman seems infinitely trendier than the other woman. She is wearing what looks like a designer Parka chocolate brown, one of those office type bags, in black slacks and white and silver Nike Woman sneakers. This woman has one foot on the pedal and is only in a semi-resting position as if ready to move as opposed to the other bum-sitting woman. She is pointing towards (or seems like directing the Old Taiwan Woman- to the Tissot store section that symbollzes the “New Taiwan”. It is also interesting to note that the sole asian Official Ambassador for Tissot is popular Taiwanese actess Barbie Hsu (of the dubious Meteor Garden / F4 television series fame) She is also also endorses Pantene, Lenovo, Yogurt drinks, cosmetics, and Lee-Cooper Jeans. (**from wikipedia).

    ((Also notice that even if the two bicycle styles seem similar, – the handlebars on the silver bicycle which are straight and are meant for mountain biking stressing the “practical – (even, of often at the expense of style) While the Green bicycle has the traditional U-shaped classic handlebars – all that’s missing is the orange ball honker.))

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