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Dec 042017

October 21, 2016 (Luang Prabang Day 1)

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Total ground covered on this day:

The train pulled into Chiang Mai early in the morning. I went to Chiang Rai right after, and from there, took a bus at noon to cross the border into Laos.

I barely made it to Chiang Rai on time, so I only had time to grab this for lunch.

yogurt dairy drink and a sticky rice roll

yogurt dairy drink and a sticky rice roll

There weren’t that many options at the bus terminal.

It was a 16 hour bus ride. Four hours after departing Chiang Rai at noon, we crossed the Thailand- Laos border.


The bus stopped around 8 PM or so at a small rest stop for dinner. And then on went the bus until we got to Luang Prabang the day after around 5:30AM.

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