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Nov 192013

thirteen photos:

breakfast - waffles, beans, juice

waffles, beans, juice, quiche, Chiang Mai, August 2012

longsilog breakfast

longsilog* breakfast (sausage with eggs and garlic rice), Baler, Aurora, July 2013
* This word is a portmanteau of long= longganisa (a Filipino sausage) and itlog= egg.

breakfast at the guesthouse

fruit smoothies, Indonesian fried noodles, fried egg, and a crepe, Bali, October 2012

breakfast at hotel

bacon, beans, sausage, milk, orange juice, sashimi, eggs, Singapore, September 2011


sausages, hash browns, beans, fruit, orange juice, Rotorua, New Zealand, November 2009

roadside diner pork chop 1

filipino pork chop and garlic rice in a roadside diner, Paranaque, Philippines, September 2012

breakfast buffet 3

fruit, bacon, sushi rolls, hotdogs, orange juice Taipei, May 2011

strawberry pancake with orange juice breakfast

strawberry pancake with orange juice, Bali, October 2012

french toast, egg, sausages

french toast, egg, sausages, Tagaytay, February 2012

rice krispies and blueberries

rice Krispies, milk, blueberries, Hong Kong, September 2008

pancakes, crackers, caviar, yogurt, sausages, dumplings, Shanghai, September 2010

eggs benedict

eggs benedict and bread, Coffee Bean, Philippines, June 2011

hotel breakfast

mushrooms, hash brown, tea, fruit, Hong Kong, March 2013 (mobile phone photo)

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