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book shelf


March 11, 2010 | 13 photos total (Please wait for them to load.) |
Books whose titles have been obscured by camera flash have this magnifying glass icon beside them. You can click to zoom in.

  1. books
  2. This above photo shows some of my books that were damaged by Typhoon Ondoy last year. There were some that were so soaked the pages can’t be opened. I didn’t keep those anymore.

    The other books below were spared:

  3. books Zoom in
  4. books
  5. books
  6. books Zoom in
  7. books
  8. books Zoom in
  9. books
  10. books
  11. books Zoom in
  12. books
  13. books
  14. books Zoom in
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  3 Responses to “book shelf”

  1. I see Satanic Verses. REMEMBER OUR HUNT FOR THAT?!!! 10 years later I still haven’t READ IT. HA.

  2. i like!!! very much! 🙂 more soon!

  3. I want to borrow that one and that one and that one and…

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