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Left Behind


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The places and things that time and man have left behind. 2006-2013 (ongoing)
The majority of these photos were taken in Tainan County (Southern Taiwan), Sanzhi (north of Taipei City), Hualien (East Taiwan), Manila, Quezon City. There are one or two taken in other cities.

sanzhi UFO houses (HDR) wall pink house rundown house 3 rusty shed islands fisherman old rural house 1 old rural house 3 decaying structure old house old Taiwan Sugar Co. warehouse burnt down pink house old taiwan sugar warehouse urinal on a stone wall in an alley very public toilet grassy public graveyard traditional house 2 wooden fence houses and muddy land rundown shack2 graffiti in an abandoned factory fort 2

graffiti rubble abandoned chairs and tires couch 2 couch in a field couches under a tree couch demolished building couch arcade game 2 tire in an open field tire in sand interiors barbed wire sword holder with a stick tainan graffiti 49 wooden cart behind a tree retro filming location in baiho 039 carts sanzhi UFO houses 043 can and matchbook toy piano beer bottle on the ground marlboro reds cigarette packet on the ground confetti 1

The first photo is one of the UFO houses in Sanzhi, Taiwan, that have since been torn down. Click here to see more photos.

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