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Jul 042016

I met Flip One after he commented on a couple of my graffiti posts online. He invited me to watch him paint a wall in Taytay, Rizal. He wanted to do an homage to Wild Style, but written in baybayin, the precolonial Filipino alphabet.

This is the video of the day we met and shot Wild Style in Rizal. 8 minutes 42 seconds:

This is the 37 second time-lapse version for those of you in a rush:

Links to the stuff mentioned in the video:

  1. The story of the two Montana paints
  2. Wikipedia entry on baybayin, the precolonial Philippine writing system Flip One wrote his piece in.
  3. Flip One took me to this great wall in Marikina before we headed to Taytay to paint. Please click here to see the photos and video I took there.

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