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May 062016

I’ve scuba dived with Arizona Dive Shop in Subic Bay a few times already. I first dove with them in 2015 and went on day trips to dive with them in January and April 2016.The area where you will board your boat is a small distance away from the hotel, so there’s a little moving platform that takes you to the “floating bar” where the boat is parked near.

Arizona Dive Shop, Subic, Philippines

Arizona Dive Shop, Subic, Philippines

Here are some clips of the dive sites I went to in January and April:


From Wikipedia:

LST (Landing Ship, Tank) This is one of the large LSTs that litter the floor of Subic Bay. She was scuttled in 1946 in the middle of Subic Bay between the southern tip of the runway and Grande Island.

02 minutes 33 seconds

02 minutes 23 seconds

San Quentin:

From Wikipedia:

San Quentin: During the Spanish–American War in 1898, the Spanish scuttled their San Quintín (now often referred to as the San Quentin) in the hope of blocking the passage between Grande Island and Chiquita Islands near the mouth of Subic Bay.

02 minutes 44 seconds


01 minute 23 seconds

These underwater videos were taken with my trusty Faux-Pro, an SJCam SJ4000 camera. Click here to view the other scuba diving videos I uploaded.

On the ride home in January, I spotted some monkeys randomly hanging out on the side of the highway in Subic. I wasn’t able to get good shots because I had already driven past them and just hurriedly snapped a few out the window. It was also inconvenient to reverse the car on the highway.

I was prepared for them in April though, watching out for them as I left the beach area.

video runtime: 12 seconds

Click to enlarge:

They didn’t seem to mind being photographed. Although one eventually hissed at me and I took it as my cue to leave.

video runtime: 4 secs.

There was one enterprising fellow who snacked on chips while the rest of his buddies made do with chewing leaves.

video runtime: 8 secs.

Other photos from the trip. Click to enlarge:

Other clips from the trip:

first video runtime 13 seconds | second video runtime 20 seconds

According to Google Maps, Subic is 128 kilometers away from me.

map to subic

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