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Oct 272015

I shot three different walls of great graffiti pieces here in the Philippines on Oct. 23 and 24, 2015. 9 years. That’s how many years have passed since I shot my first photo of graffiti. From then on, I’ve tried to document every piece of graffiti and street art I encounter in my daily life.

I didn’t get to shoot a lot of good street art from the Philippines when I first started documenting them in 2006. Most of my early collection came from Taiwan. Around 2008 though, I noticed that there was an increasing number of good pieces in the Philippines. Before that time, it was mostly tags of names, political rants, and curses.

fuck you graffiti on a QC street

2007, Quezon City, Philippines

(This is a photo-heavy post, please be patient and wait for them to load. It will be worth it.)

Last week, I drove past Kalentong St. in Manila, and I saw a very long wall of great graffiti encompassing two streets. I was in a hurry at the time and didn’t bring my camera with me, so I went back a few days after to shoot it.

detailed view of wall #1

graffiti on Kalentong St., Manila, Philippines

the corner leading to the next set

detailed view of wall #2

The next day, I had my camera with me because my friend told me that this wall on Ortigas Ave. corner Santolan Street I photographed back in 2008 had new street art on it.

As I was going home after having photographed on Ortigas Ave., I saw this great piece on a long trailer on Doña Hemady Street (near the corner of Gilmore St.). This was a bit tough to shoot because I had to stand in the middle of the street for everything to fit in my camera.

I love that I was able to shoot three great sets in two consecutive days. I love it when I see Philippine street art leveling up in just a few short years.

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