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Apr 302014

Ascensor Cordillera 6

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I accompanied my friend B to check out a small fish market near Plaza Sotomayor, Valparaiso. I wandered around while she was there, and reached the Ascensor Cordillera entrance by accident.

The elevator was inagurated in 1886 according to Wikipedia, and believe me, the shaky car felt like it.

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When I went out of the little shack that served as the exit gate of Ascensor Cordillera, I was greeted with this little poster, in English to boot, on the history of Cerro Cordillera. As the poster states, this hill has the second oldest elevator (cable car) in Valparaiso, and it’s an important hill in its history.

Cerro Cordillera info on post

I didn’t get far, only five minutes away from the exit, when a cop accosted me and warned me that it’s really dangerous, and wouldn’t let me get past him. I walked down the stairs back to “flat land Valpo”.

Cerro Cordillera 10

Other snapshots from Cerro Cordillera on Flickr.

Ascensor Cordillera

map to Ascensor Cordillera

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