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Mar 112014

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Departing our charming old inn.


We drove to Neiwan and visited a museum dedicated to the works of Liu Hsing Chin, a famed Taiwanese comic book artist.


Neiwan Train Station 2

one of the oldest police stations
One of the oldest still-functional police stations in Taiwan. this one has japanese style architecture.

Next stop was yet another old street, where we had a Hakka cuisine lunch at an old movie theater full of retro memorabilia.

people at Neiwan old street 2

old Neiwan movie theater 8 old Neiwan movie theater 4

old Neiwan movie theater 6old Neiwan movie theater 5

Then we had a two hour drive back to Taipei City where we stopped at the old Taiwan Sugar Company factory (that’s been turned into a museum). That district, Wanhua, is undergoing gentrification and one of that district’s newer infrastructure projects is the Fashion Institute of Taipei.

old freight trains at the old Taiwan Sugar warehouse 1


Fashion Institute of Taipei- Juki Sewing Machines

old brick historical building

Wanhua used to be the capital of Taipei for wholesale garment trade. There’s still a lot of garment stores around, but not as many as in its heyday. Nowadays it’s mostly pajama stores, uniforms (military and school) shops, and clothes for older people. The borough captain of that district came out to meet us and give us some promotional swag.

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Route map:

northern taiwan map

map of the route taken during our northern tour

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