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Feb 052014

burger with onion rings
P.S. Cafe, Ion Orchard, Singapore, February 2012

shaved ice dessert
FNB shaved ice dessert store, Yong Kang St. 15, Taipei City, Taiwan, May 2011

pork, rice, watermelon shake
pork, rice, watermelon shake, Chamorro Village, Guam, November 2012

Balinese buffet lunch
Balinese skewer, Restoran Grand Puncak Sari, Bali, Indonesia, October 2011

khao soi
khao soi from Just Khao Soi, Chiang Mai, August 2012

steak, corn, and rice
steak, corn, and rice, Shirley’s, Guam, November 2012

Lau Pa Sat - chicken rice and coke
chicken rice and coke, Singapore Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, September 2011

bacon, sausage, tomato
brunch at P.S. Cafe, Ion Orchard, Singapore, February 2012

adobo flakes and rice
Katre, Guam, November 2012

small vietnamese eatery 2
pho and yogurt drink, small Vietnamese eatery, Taipei, October 2012 (mobile phone photo)

egg and corn crepe
egg and corn crepe, bus station, Taipei City outskirts, October 2012

mango and sticky rice dessert
mango and sticky rice dessert, Chiang Mai, August 2012

famous iced dessert shop in Hualien 2
famous iced dessert shop in Hualien, October 2012

packed lunch sold on the train 2
packed lunch sold on the train, train bound for Hualien from Taipei, October 2012

hotpot dinner 1
hotpot, October 2012

salad, Pun Pun Vegetarian Restaurant, Chiang Mai, August 2012

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